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6 Reasons Why You Should Not Compete with Others

There are some of us who like to compete with others for whatever reason that may be. I personally believe that I have no competition and refuse to compete with anyone. Me competing with someone else would mean that I would have to care about them and what they’re doing.

Here’s the thing, I don’t care. I’m not worried about what others are doing because I’m too worried about what I’m doing. How can I focus on what I have going on when I’m trying to keep up with what someone else is doing? Why should I waste that time?

There have been people who are in competition with others and will go as far as trying to sabotage that person just so that they will get that person’s attention. Being desperate looks good on no one. So, for those of you who are competing with someone else and are ready for brutal honesty, here are 6 reasons why you shouldn’t:

1. You lose sight of what you’re doing

You’re so focused on what the other person is doing that you forget about what you were doing in the first place. You also forget why you were doing it because you get so involved in trying to be better than the next person. This will cause you to lose joy in what you originally set out to do.

2. You spend too much time worrying about what they’re doing

You spend so much time trying to compete with the next person that it becomes an obsession. You become obsessed with them and what they’re doing. You even go as far as stalking them to try and find out everything that they are doing so that you can do it better. I don’t know about you, but I think that’s creepy. I’ve known a few creeps that have tried to compete with me and all I could do was laugh. I didn’t even feel sorry for them. I don’t pity anyone.

3. They are not worried about you

They could care less because you’re not even on their radar. No matter what you do to try and make yourself relevant in their lives, it will not work. Trust me, just listen to what I am saying to you. They are way too busy working on their growth and success to be bothered with someone who’s trying to bring them down for whatever reason. Imagine trying so hard to get someone’s attention that you’re basically in their face, waving your hands, and they still can’t see you. You’re invisible to them and no matter how hard you try, you won’t get their attention. Even those little things you do that affect them directly will only hold their attention for a brief moment and then you no longer exist.

4. It affects you negatively

You’re only hurting yourself. It will physically, mentally, and emotionally drain you to compete with someone else. Becoming bitter is inevitable when you’re living in this competition lifestyle, especially when you’re not the one who’s winning. You don’t want to be that person who loses everything because you were too worried about someone else.

5. You start living your life for others

You don’t realize it, but you begin to seek the approval of others because you want them to realize that you’re better than whoever you are competing with. You do things to try to make you appear to be the better contender. If the people whose approval you seek don’t see what you’re doing from the beginning, they will eventually catch on. In the end, you will screw yourself over.

6. They win!

Even though they had no idea they were competing, they still win. You started a losing battle and were competing alone. While they’re off doing great things, you’re supporting them by giving them the attention you wanted in the first place. You become a fan without even realizing it. In some cases, you even become a free promotor for them, furthering their success. Sounds like a smack in the face to me.

Nothing positive happens for you when competing with someone else instead of lifting them up. You will receive more success by teaming up with them than you would by trying to be better than them. I would rather see everyone winning than see some people trying to ruin someone else. I hope my reasons shed a little light. Do you have any more reasons to add to my list? Share your reasons in the comments.

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