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7 Struggles Of A Person With A Toxic Family Member

It is okay to cut off a toxic family member. I cannot stress this enough! There are people who disagree which is fine. This is not for those people. They can continue to be tortured and have their lives ruined by other people just because they share the same blood with them. *eye roll* It is better for one’s own mental and physical health to be rid of that the toxic energy that family member exudes.

I also recommend temporary breaks from that family member if a permanent break seems too… permanent. It is hard for you to achieve self-growth in the company of those who would much rather sit around and fester in their toxicity. Let them! You do not have to be around it just because you are family. It is not fair to you.

Recently, I blocked a few family members because they brought that negativity into my home which caused problems for me. That was the last straw. I’m over being the topic of conversation. I’m over defending my good family members because my toxic family members are jealous of them and constantly have something to say. I don’t do jealousy, lies, and drama. Nor will I pity these people because their lives are a mess. I pity no one. Either way, the state of their lives is no excuse for their behavior.

Here are 7 struggles of people with a toxic family member:

1. You “HAVE” To Keep Them Around

They try their hardest to butt into your life so that they can destroy it. Other family members don’t say anything to them but as soon as you are ready to be rid of the toxic family member, they want to come in and tell you that you can’t do that. Where were they while you were being tortured? Who are they to tell you that you must keep this bad energy around you when they barely deal with it themselves?

2. You Try To Get Rid Of Them Multiple Times

Over the years, you have tried to get rid of them over and over again. Somehow, you always end up giving them another chance and they always go and make you regret it.

3. They Never Change and Expect You To Accept Them

While you’re making progress in your self-growth and are cleaning up your life, they are expecting you to keep them in it. Mind you, you have gotten rid of non-family members who are just as toxic as your toxic family member. The family member expects special treatment because you share the same blood.

4. You Feel A Lot Better When They’re Not Around

It’s not hard to take notice of how much better your life is when they’re not in it. You don’t have them there to ruin your life and your mood. It never lasts long because they’re constantly trying to be around and feed off of you and the mood they help you create.

5. They Try To Make You Miserable

Their life is miserable so they want you to be miserable along with them. It makes them feel better to have someone accompany them in their misery and self-pity. A lot of times they succeed because you fall right into their trap.

6. They Are A Trigger

Anytime the toxic family member’s name is brought up your mood automatically changes. The same can be said whenever their name pops up on your screen, you answer the phone for them or you see them. The stress that they cause is so unhealthy.

7. Self-Growth Is Difficult Or In Some Cases It Is Impossible

It is hard to be a better person when you continuously have a negative person surrounding you. Whenever you try to change they’re there to suck you back into their cloud of negativity. It is something that has been proven difficult to get out of.

I’m done with trying to help fix the lives of others only try to make me as miserable as they are. As you guys know, “Misery loves company!”. I feel so much better now that these people are blocked. Of course, they can still see my progress on social media or on my site and that’s all they can do. They can sit back and watch my journey.

Here’s to self-growth, self-love, self-care, success, a healthy life, and a healthy mental state. Call me selfish for putting myself first because it doesn’t bother me. My physical and mental health comes first. How would I be any good to anyone else when I am unable to be good to myself? I will gladly accept the title of being selfish. Selfish and Happy. What are your thoughts on the subject of toxic family members?

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