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A Star Is Born: The Birth

Hey Guys, I know it’s been a while. Over the past month and a half, I’ve given birth and have been getting used to the new edition to our family. I am finally able to start writing again. Did ya miss me? I hope so. At least I am bringing you a story with portraits as my welcome back gift. You know you love baby pictures. It is a long one so you can skip to certain parts if you want. I recommend reading through the entire post.

Ignoring Labor Pains

On the morning of the 3rd, I woke up at 4 am feeling pain in my stomach and back but of course, me being me, I ignored it and want back to sleep. I woke up again at 7 am and knew it was time to go to the hospital. Well, I didn’t pack my hospital bag like I was supposed to, so we spent an hour packing and I even had time to have a shower. I didn’t get to the hospital until 9 am so you already know that I was not a happy camper. I even yelled at my fiancé because I felt like he was dragging his feet to get ready which made him feel angry because it wasn’t the case.

Getting To The Hospital

On the way to the hospital, I was panicking on the inside which made me angry. I even went as far as to scream “you’re not the one that could possibly die today” because I was the one in labor and not him. His feelings didn’t matter to me at that point. I was just thinking about how I had been fearing to die on the hospital bed over the past few months. It may sound irrational, but the United States has the highest number of childbirth deaths of all first world countries. Black woman having the highest death rates of all. So…. It’s a pretty legitimate fear. Therefore, I chose the number one trauma hospital in Houston. If anything went wrong, they would know how to save me and my baby.

My Stay In OB Intake

When we got to the hospital I was immediately put into a wheelchair and wheeled to the Labor & Delivery floor where I went straight to the OB Intake room while my fiancé parked the car. As I was talking with the nurse at the desk there were other nurses staring at me trying to figure out whether I was in labor or not. I guess I hid my pain very well. I was super calm while filling out the paperwork and answering the billion dollar questions they had for me. On the inside, I was pissed because I was not in the mood to be answering all their questions but that was my fault because I wasn’t screaming and carrying on.

They finally finished the questioning and I was given a bed and was told to change into a hospital gown. I was then hooked up to a machine to monitor the baby’s heartbeat and my contractions. The machine showed that I was definitely in labor (they didn’t believe me) and the contractions were very strong. I still don’t know why I didn’t feel them as much as I should have. Eventually, they let my fiancé in to sit at my bedside and he held my hand and rubbed my back and such. He was a big help not only to me but to the hospital staff as well. In any case, I felt my contractions enough to want pain management, so I was giving Fentanyl after my fiancé came in which was about at 11 am or 12 pm.

Eventually, I got to meet my doctor who reassured me that everything would be okay. He was a nice and caring young man. He calmed me down just enough to relax a little. I didn’t know it then, but he had been right. I would later find out that my experience was better than the first time I gave birth. (My son’s birth traumatized me. He got stuck, I had to get an episiotomy and still had issues. I ended up tearing more than they cut. They had to rush to stop the bleeding and they had to grab him up so that he could start breathing and crying again. It was a disaster.) This time, I am very thankful to have had my fiance there.

Here Comes The Meds & Transfer

While in intake I was told I would have to have three bags of penicillin (one every four hours) to protect the baby from any bacteria during the birthing process. I received two of the bags in intake alongside the saline solution that was being administered through an IV. It was definitely painful going through my body. It burned like hell!

I stayed in intake until 4 pm when I was 6cm dilated. They were happy I was dilating on my own. Did I mention I was almost 3cm dilated when I was admitted? No? Well, I was. Once I was taken to the delivery ward, I waited around for the epidural which didn’t come until I was 8cm dilated. During that time my fiancé sat with me until he had to step out when it was time for the epidural. They gave me the epidural along with a fast-acting medicine, also in my spine because I was so close to giving birth. They stuck me a good 9 times because it was hard to get the needles in where they needed to be.

The pain was 20 times worse than the contractions. I cried so much but was somehow able to keep still as I felt constant digging and pressure in my spinal area. I hope I never again experience pain so excruciating in my life. Thankfully the nurse I had, held my hands and wiped my tears and snot (yes, it was that painful) which was pretty nice of her. The epidural wore off on one side so the anesthesiologist had to come back and up the pain meds which helped. In walked a pregnant nurse that was taking over for the previous one. She brought my fiancé back in and my sister from another mister. They all proceeded to make a bunch of jokes and have a jolly ‘ol time. I’m glad it was a happy and caring environment.

It’s Showtime

While I was laying down, my water broke and almost splashed on fiancé who jumped out of the way. He found it so hilarious. At one point, the baby’s heart rate dipped so they had to watch it closely. I was given a big blow up ball that was shaped like a peanut which was put under one of my legs. It sped up the process. The next time they checked my cervix, the baby’s head was crowning so they took the peanut away. It was showtime. My OB called during this time to talk to me, but they were so concerned about the baby’s heart rate that they told her to call back.

The best part about the birthing was that I only had to push about 3 times. I feared for nothing. I forgot to mention, my fiancé and sister from another mister were recording and taking pictures the whole time. So, there is footage of the baby being born. *eye roll*

A Star Is Born

Cherie Alayna was born at 8:27 PM, weighing in at 7lbs 1.1oz. When she was put on my chest, I just looked at her because I couldn’t believe she was real. Not to mention she smiled and opened one eye which was intriguing. She was so big. Her brother was only 6lbs 13oz when he was born 7 years ago. I still don’t know how her birth was so much easier. Although, the technique used was very different. Though shocked, I was happy to finally meet the little alien that had been moving around in my stomach like it was going to slice me open and crawl right through. This little girl pooped on me. It was black and wasn’t much, but it happened. She started out being rude.

I got to cuddle with her for a little while.  During this time the afterbirth came, and my IUD was inserted. They eventually took the baby to clean her up and then I was able to breastfeed her. She latched with minimal problems. Once she was done, they were able to weigh her, get her height and give her back. This is when my fiancé got to hold her and my sister from another mister got to meet Cherie and then take her leave. My sister, son, both future sisters-in-law and brother-in-law came in to meet her as well. They came with food which was great because I hadn’t eaten since the night before, so I was starving.

Time For Recovery

Before I was able to eat, we were transferred to recovery. My fiancé and I pigged out once I was settled. The nurses came in afterward saying I wouldn’t have to go to the bathroom for a while and would not be able to walk so they were going to give me a catheter. I immediately told them I had to go and was helped up. I was determined to use the bathroom to avoid that catheter. It didn’t matter that one leg was still numb (the one that stayed numb after the epidural wore off). I did my best to walk to the bathroom and tried to help myself, so I didn’t have to call the nurses every time I had to go.

The first time I gave birth I was not able to walk or do anything. I watched my roommate who came in after me, recover fast and leave the next day. I was in shock. This time, I was that roommate minus the leaving early thing. They kept me for two days. That’s two days of me eating cookies and peanut butter crackers and whatever else my fiancé bought me. I didn’t like the hospital food. I did eat the fruits though. Fruits are the shit!

When the contractions came back I was given pain meds every 6 hours. My spine was also killing me. It was so intense it felt like my spine was being dislocated. The pain meds helped a lot. Judge me not for accepting the pain meds. My baby is fine and that’s all that matters. You can keep that crunchy mama stuff. It is not for me. I commend those who go without pain management. I don’t know how you do it and I’m glad I’ll never find out.

Outpatient Recovery

I am still recovering. My body feels weak and I struggle to lift myself up, but I gets it done. The Post-Partum Depression gets to me sometimes but that’s only because it is added on to my Major Depressive Disorder. It gets hard sometimes but mostly, I am okay. I don’t eat as much as I did during my pregnancy, but I do still have an appetite which is more than I can say before I got pregnant. I’m hoping I can keep the weight on this time. Well, some of it since I’ve already lost a good 20 pounds. I just want the stomach to go and that’s all. Nothing else. I want to enjoy these new curves.

One Month Old

We now have a one-month-old. I am thankful to have the support system that I have now. I never thought I would have such a huge support system. It can be overwhelming at times to have so many people that care but I am learning to accept it. My now one-month-old (as of 5/31) has a lot of people who will spoil her to bits. Here’s a Photo Gallery to enjoy. They include her hospital photoshoot and one-month photoshoot. Both done by me.

Thank you guys for being so patient with me. I’m hoping I can slowly get back into the groove of things and update my blog every Thursday as usual. If you haven’t already, sign up for my email list and follow me on Instagram and Facebook. You can also check out my photography page. Enjoy your week!

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