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Adopt A Pet For The Holidays (Why You Should Adopt A Pet)

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With Christmas around the corner, kids are begging their parents for pets. Some of the little ones know the breed they want. It’s crazy to see these kids giving the specifics. I already have a dog who is my Emotional Support Animal, so my son thinks we should get another dog for him.

Although it’s not happening, it makes me wonder what it is that makes these kids want a dog. Is it for companionship or do they just think it’s because they’re cute? Is it because of all of the holiday commercials with dogs and cats? Maybe you should adopt a pet for the holidays! (Shameless plug for the animal shelters!)

In any case, purchasing a pet can be super expensive. There are expenses such as: buying your pet, shots, licenses, first vet visit, food, leashes, and all the other little necessary accessories. If you got it, you got it but that doesn’t necessarily mean you should spend it. Here are a few reasons why you should adopt a pet instead of purchasing one from a local pet store or breeder.

1. You’re Saving A Life

This is one of the biggest reasons why you should adopt a pet. There are a lot of kill shelters that are still around. If dogs do not get adopted, they will eventually be put down. Some dogs are deemed unadoptable and it’s not always because they have bitten someone. Some may gain that title by sitting in the pound for a while and being looked over, some may look ratty or undesirable, some are mutts, others may just be taking up space that another more desirable dog could fill.

2. You Save Money

When you purchase from a breeder or a pet store, they will charge you hundreds and thousands of dollars for animals. If you go to an animal shelter, you can get the same breed of dog for a fraction of the price. For example, here in Houston, the BARC center is running a special with the following prices:

Waggy Wednesday – $10 for Dogs adoption fees every Wednesday in December!
Feline Friday – $5 for Cat & Kitten adoption fees every Wednesday in December!
And SPCA Houston has (let’s say) dogs, for the following prices:
$95 for Small Dogs, $195 for Puppies & Purebreds, $45 for Seniors (7 years and older)
$55 for Large Dogs, $95 for Puppies & Purebreds, $25 for Seniors (7 years and older)
$25 for Cats, $75 for Kittens, $15 for Seniors (7 years and older)

There are so many other animals and pricing. You can see the rest of the pricing by clicking on BARC and/or SPCA Houston.


3. Shots Are Included

Some, if not all shelters will give the animals shots when they receive them. This is to ensure the health of the animal. After that, your animal will need their annual shots.

4. Spay and Neuter Services Are Included

This prevents more animals from ending up in shelters. It is a way to control the animal population and prevent people from breeding.

5. Every Animal Needs Love

Yes, there may be a lot of mixed breeds in shelters or animals that dog look beautiful but you know what? They deserve to be loved just as much as the full bred. Besides, if you’re lucky, you may even get your hands on a full-bred right there at the animal shelter.

6. Making Room For Others Strays

When you adopt a pet, that leaves room for other animals to be housed while they wait for adoption. There are periods when there is no room for new intake and you know what happens to those animals? Some are sent to kill shelters to be euthanized. Sad huh?

7. You’re Doing A Good Deed

I know some people feel like they shouldn’t do anything good for others unless they get attention for it. Well, rescuing a dog for a shelter is a good deed so eat your heart out and show off how you rescued your poor sweet animal *eye roll*

8. You’re Helping Shelters Remain Open

When your shelter receives donations and business, it helps them remain open so that they can continue to rescue animals. The funds they receive go to food, housing, and pay for employees.

9. You’re Giving These Animals Another Chance

Not all animals in the shelter were picked up off of the street. There are a bunch of them that have been surrendered by their owners. If a good person adopts these animals, you can save them for those who would force them to fight each other. Of course, this does not apply to cats.

10. It Puts Bad Breeders Out Of Business

Did you know that many breeders breed these animals and keep them housed in terrible conditions? Did you know that they force these animals to have babies nonstop so that they could keep making money off of the puppies? Once the parents are deemed useless, they are killed and discarded. You may think that you’re getting a puppy without any behavioral problems but tell me, how does a breeder keep a close eye on all of those puppies and train them and love them? Exactly! That’s not to say that all breeders are bad, but most are. The ones that are is what we call puppy mills.


Imagine adopting an animal that has never been loved or taken care of properly! They’ll love you like no other and that will make you happy. Pets are good for the soul. They make you happy, he’ll keep you in shape, and they are good companions.

I will always be an advocate for pet shelters. That’s where I got my Princess from. I only paid $50 and she had her shots, license, and was spayed. Then, I took her to see a vet at Banfield Pet Hospital, which is inside of Pet Smart. I used a coupon that made it free since it was a first-time visit. So, I only ended up paying about $18 and that was for flea prevention. So all in all, I would say that I did well in the money-saving department. I love getting more bang for my buck. I’m always looking for coupons and deals to save money when I shop.

Here’s a collection of my little Princess who is my Emotional Support Animal. I adopted her last year in June. When I first got her she was super shy and didn’t want people in her face but she laid in my arms and turned away from everyone else who tried to touch her. That’s how I knew she was the doggy for me!

Buying your child’s new pet does not have to break the bank. Adopt a pet and Save Millions of animals’ lives. Go to your local animal shelter as find your child’s companion, today. If you don’t know where one is located, you may locate one by using the adopt a pet website. You may do so by clicking here.

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