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All Money Is Not Good Money!

Today’s lesson of the day is “All money is not good money!”

Be careful who you take money from. In other words, be careful of the people you deal with. That’s in every aspect of your life. I’ll give you two examples. One for business and one in a regular life setting.

In business, there will be people who will have no problem with paying you at first but they will never be satisfied with the work that is given. They will complain, they will change their minds a billion times and some will even request their full payment back after receiving the work.

You’ll know these people within the first conversation. They’ll even do this with free stuff. No joke. Trust me, it’s not even worth it.

In life, there will be people who will shove money in your face and will neglect to mention its attachment. This attachment could be them having repercussions once you receive it or even the money coming from somewhere you don’t want to involve yourself.

Just because it looks good doesn’t mean it is good. I don’t care how badly you need the money. Be careful.

Jalika Cherie

Jalika Cherie is a Writer, Blogger, Creator, Photographer, and Singer. She runs a Lifestyle Blog that motivates, entertains, and inspires others, She loves to focus on topics such as Advice, Mental Health, Arts, Mom Life, and Family Life but there are no limits to the topics she will touch on.

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