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Because It’s You!

Hey You! Yes, You! Do you know you’re a beautiful and amazing person? Do you know that I am proud of you? I truly am! Keep doing what you’re doing. I’m loving your progress. Do you know those people who don’t support you? Their support or lack thereof does not matter. I know it seems like they support others who say and do something similar to you but that’s okay. Do you know why they don’t support you? Because it’s you!


They’re not ready to accept you yet. That’s on them. Let them miss out and focus on those that you can reach. There are individuals who don’t want you to succeed. People who don’t want you to surpass them. There are even people who will just be along for the ride without putting any work in. Riding your coat tail to the top. Those people are not YOUR people. Not the kind of person/people you want to include on this journey with you anyway. Just because someone does not support you, doesn’t mean they love you any less. They may be skeptical and may not support you at this very moment due to many factors. This includes past experiences you had or even their past experiences. It’s okay if they do not mean you any harm.


Always make sure that you are always “ON IT’. Always dot your I’s and cross your T’s. Everything you say or do is not going to reach everybody. Not only should you put effort into what you’re doing, but you also need to put effort into the delivery. Because it’s you, the people who are close to you may not support you until there’s a bandwagon for them to hop onto. Let them! Sometimes, your biggest supporters will be strangers. The thing about that is, they will also turn on you even faster. Never forget this. It’s not about WHO is supporting you but more so why? And what will it take for them to give up on you? Treat everyone with respect whether they support you or not.


Make sure that you support others as well. Even those people who are in the same field, should receive your support. You are not missing out on anything by supporting other people. Just like it makes your day to receive different forms of support, others feel that same way when they are on the receiving end. Be another person’s PERSON. That supportive energy you put out will come back to you if it is sincere. Always be sincere.


Nobody knows that you’re doing something unless you tell them. I know, I know. I like keeping my mouth shut too. There have been many opportunities that I have missed out on for this very reason. Being vocal is important. There are times when you may receive envious looks from people sitting on the sidelines, watching you work. That’s fine. Like I’ve said in the past, you cannot shrink yourself to make others feel comfortable. They’re just going to have to sit on the sidelines with their sour patch faces. DASSIT!! On the other hand, DO NOT get a big head and go around gloating and putting other people down because they may not be doing what you’re doing. Always remain humble and sincere. Always being willing to get your message across in a way that most are able to comprehend.


Because it’s you, people may try to sabotage you. It is an issue within them that they need to work on. Power through whatever they attempt to do to you. They will not prevail. Everything little thing that they try to do to you will always backfire. Steer clear of them and let whatever happens to them happen. Keep doing what you are doing. These people will be pushed to a place where they will not have the chance to even reach you. There have been and will always be people who have tried you and you never knew it. Their plot against you fizzled as soon as they lit the match. Keep going!


Because it’s you, people will continue to be a part of your support system. The relationships you build and the way you make people feel will help them in their decision on whether they will be there for you or not. Therefore, it pays to be a good person. Good people really do win in the end. It may not always seem like it but just think about the good people who have been in your life. Think about the impact they have made on others. The people they have reached and helped. Now, good people may go through some hard times, but those times are not only to teach them something but they are also to place them with others who are also having those hard times. They’re placed there to help them out of it. Hard times prepare you to be able to function and succeed when you reach bigger and better things.


I’ll be here for you. Count on me to be a listening ear and a truthful ally. Count on me to help lift you up. Because it’s you, I’m there when you need me…… Within reason. Even if it’s not being physically there, it still counts. Because it’s you, you will succeed. Let’s do this together. I support you; you support me! Deal?! Teamwork makes the dream work and our dreams are big but not too big to make them a reality. So, let’s go get what is ours and fulfill our dreams. What is a dream or goal that you are working on right now?

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Jalika Cherie

JC Morgan is what some may call a Rebel or Eccentric. She doesn't fit in and she doesn't try to. She has piercings, tattoos, and stretched ears. She talks, walks, looks, and thinks differently than most Christians. People tend to stare at her without hiding it and the boldness is real because they will not say anything. But you know what? God still loves her and he loves you too. Whether you look different or act different, you still have a place in God's Kingdom. You may be a loner in your environment but let me tell you, you are not alone. Not only is God always there, but there are also other people who are just like you. Different in every way and they wear it as a badge of honor. She likes to say that we are THEE Cool Kids. We're the underdogs that pack a mean punch. We just need to let the Lord use us. With him, we can build mountains and tear down walls that try to stop us. Do you know how all of this can be possible? By restoring your personal relationship with God and practicing Soul Care. That is her area of expertise and that is what she is here to help Women do.

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