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Car Shopping while Pregnant: Never Again

Update 1/6/20- Turns out, the owner is a slimeball who forges documents! I would avoid this place like the plague and hit up Sterling McCall Lexus, located at 10235 Southwest Freeway, Houston, TX, 77074. Ask for my buddy Johnathan Wilson! His direct contacts are 713-995-2661, 713-373-9574, and email address is Let him know that I sent you! Be sure to mention this post: “Car Shopping While Pregnant”. Happy Car Shopping.

My first and hopefully last car shopping experience

Recently, my fiancé and I went car shopping over the course of four days. This week, I will be 8 months pregnant so you already know this is going to be a story about discomfort. Now, the car shopping experience is already bittersweet but imagine doing it while being so far along. Did you imagine?
Recently, my fiancé and I went car shopping over the course of four days. Exactly, it’s tiring.

First of all, you have the option to look at the inventory at most dealerships but you still have to walk around the dealership to see what catches your eye. At smaller lots, there’s not much land so it’s a lot easier to look around at the car selection which makes the experience less tiring.

In both cases, you’re super tired. Your feet start hurting. Your back starts hurting. And you start to say “Let’s just pick one already!!!”. Then, you have to worry about filling out applications and the finance department hunting for the best loan which turns into a billion extra hours of sitting down with a stranger in awkward silence.

Not to mention the trips to the bathroom. Ugh, it is THE WORST. You have people staring at you because you’re pregnant. Some even stop you to ask when you’re due and want to hold an entire conversation when you’re just trying to get to the bathroom without pissing on yourself. When you finally make it to the bathroom you have to do the peepee dance as you try to get to the stall as fast as possible.

Don’t get me wrong, buying a new car is awesome. Paperwork is boring, time-consuming, and overwhelming. All I wanted to do was take a nap which I haven’t gotten over the past few days but whatever. Some people don’t get that luxury, so I’ll suck it up.

I just realized that I said I will never car shop again while I’m pregnant. Like I’m going to get pregnant…… As if. I’ll leave it to you guys. I’m done, for sure. I do have to go shopping for another car though so that kind of sucks. Not to mention my dad is visiting so I also have to keep him entertained as well. That part isn’t all that bad. He’s a pretty good dude, when he’s not purposely pushing my buttons but what are dad’s for…. Right?…. Right?!?! *laughs nervously*. I just need another nap.

After two days of car shopping, we finally found a car on a small cash car lot called Texas Auto Outlet. It was (you’ll understand the past tense in a minute) a 2007 Nissan Moreno. The car was so comfortable. It had leather seats that felt like they molded to your body and a Navigation System with Sunroof. We were approved for the car but my fiancé didn’t have all of his documents so we decided we would come back the next day. We didn’t!

Instead of going back the next day, my fiancé went to church and I picked up my father from the airport. Afterward, we went food shopping and ran some errands. Yet another busy and tiring day. Especially since my father enjoys staying in the store for a billion hours because he wants to buy everything he can think of. When he on vacation, his excuse is “You know I can’t find this stuff in NY. I wish you could just send it to me. Like he’s not moving here later this year *eye roll*.

On day four, my fiancé receives a call with good and bad news. The bad news was the Moreno was sold. Business is business and he didn’t come back when he said he would so he understood. The fact that the car went to a good family made him feel good as well. Here’s the kicker though they had another car available. See, there was a car that caught my eye on the lot but I didn’t say anything because it’s not one that we need nor want to be seen in. Not because the car was an eyesore or anything but because the car was a luxury car and I’m not into the whole flashy scene.

When he heard the type of car that it was, his eyes lit up. Then he immediately asked if I saw it while I was there and naturally, I told him I did. I also said it was really nice but didn’t think it was something we needed. I ended up caving an agreeing to at least look at it so we could take a test drive. That morning we took a trip to pick up documents and headed to the lot. Once we got there I immediately spotted the car because it was in the same spot. It was freezing (I’m anemic and hate the cold. Yes, being from NYC means cold weather, so what. During the winter months the cold weather would lead to deep depression) and all I wanted to do was get into the car and test drive it.

My Elantra!

Once we opened the doors it was like the angels were singing. The car’s exterior was black but the interior was what the company calls Macadamia. In other words, a rich tan color. It had leather seats like the Moreno did, along with the Sunroof and Navigation System which was a plus but I digress. The seats were pretty comfy and the fact that there was a platform to step on to get into the car made it so much better. I’m used to getting in and out of a 2014 Elantra and it has been very hard and painful to get in and out of my car so the height difference was very good.

I had no trouble getting into the mystery car that will be revealed later. I stepped up and sat in the car. I was feeling pretty good. The car drove really smoothly and was quiet. Let me tell you something, over the course of these four days I decided that I will NEVER buy a new car again. I’ve taken notice that these older cars drive a lot smoother and run quieter which is what I’m looking for.

After we took the mystery car for a spin, we decided that it was the car… FINALLY!!!!.. You already know that I was excited because I was so exhausted and ready to choose anything at that point. We went into the office and my fiancé began signing the paperwork. He purchased insurance on the way there because he just knew he was taking this car home *eye roll*. Once the papers were signed, he (or we as he puts it) became the owner of our Mystery Car *drum roll* a 2007 Mercedes-Benz ML 350.

I was really excited because we finally found a car and it was officially ours. It’s a smooth-running and comfortable car that sits high enough for mine and his comfort. He’s about 6’1 so he would complain about getting in and out of my little car. Oh, and the best part of all? The passenger’s seat is Automatic and it goes up high enough for me to see over the dashboard which is pretty exciting because being 5’0, I usually can’t see much on either side.

I also got to drive it and it felt just right. The seat went up high enough for me to see, the steering wheel is nice and tight so I can feel calm while driving, the ride is smooth so I don’t cringe in pain when there are bumps in the road, I can keep the sunroof open during the day letting more light in, and Trucks can see me beside them (the Elantra is super close to the ground). It sounds like a bunch of pluses to me.

The only thing that I don’t like is the questioning looks we get from people. It could just be me though. It’s whatever. I love it and I’m glad that we made the right choice. I look forward to driving it and eventually putting the car seat into it with ease given the room in the backseat in May. My next battle will be to get my 6-year-old to keep it clean because he trashed my Elantra. I’m pretty sure there’s a melted crayon in my back seat.

Do any of you have any pregnancy or car shopping stories? What are activities you would never do again while pregnant? Let ’em rip in the comments. If you haven’t already, sign up for my email list and follow me on Instagram and Facebook. Enjoy your week!

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