When Everything You Touch Crumbles

There are so many times when we go through storms. Many of us may have even experienced times when everything we touched crumbled. It may feel like the worst thing in the world. There are some who don’t even care. Believe me. I’ve watched people destroy things over and over and over. Just to move on to the next thing and destroy that too. It wouldn’t matter as much if they weren’t destroying other people’s things and lives. If you want to invite destruction into your life, keep it within your life, DO NOT bring it to others. Now, let’s not focus on those who don’t want to change. Let’s focus on those who want to receive the help they need to make changes in their lives. What do you do when everything you touch crumbles?

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Licensed To Carry, Trained To De-Escalate

There are many of us who are Licensed To Carry our weapons. We wear them with a sense of protection. Some of us may even be quick to draw our weapons, only to make situations worse than what they should have been. Every situation does not warrant the use of violence. Every situation is not a threat. When most people think of people who carry their guns, they automatically assume we are gun-toting, violent tyrants with murder on our minds. When in truth, a lot of us just want to protect ourselves and our families. After all, when faced with a threat where action must be taken, it will all come down to the survivor being either the threat or us/our family. When it comes to me, the surviving party will always be me/my family.

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Because It’s You!

Hey You! Yes, You! Do you know you’re a beautiful and amazing person? Do you know that I am proud of you? I truly am! Keep doing what you’re doing. I’m loving your progress. Do you know those people who don’t support you? Their support or lack thereof does not matter. I know it seems like they support others who say and do something similar to you but that’s okay. Do you know why they don’t support you? Because it's you!

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