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Come On COVID!

Come on COVID!

Come on COVID! Why must you do us so? You know something?

When you really sit back and think about everything that has happened during this pandemic, you will see how it is truly a blessing in disguise. Hear me out! Every action has a reaction, whether that is good or bad, it is the beginning of a process that ultimately leads to greater. Don’t get me wrong, COVID is terrible and vile. We have lost so many people due to this disease.

A lot of people thought it was a joke until it hit home or close to it. We still have some stragglers who are just empty-headed, to begin with so we won’t even talk about those; However, we will talk about 7 important topics that show the effects of COVID. So, let’s jump into it.

1. Love

Usually, during hard times, you’re supposed to come together as a couple and build a stronger bond. Being in Quarantine has forced people to actually SEE who they are with. Most of us have gotten used to being on the move and only sharing an allotted time with our significant others. The Quarantine forced a lot of us to spend every waking minute with our significant others with little to no breaks in between. We learned things about each other that we may not have known before. Things that may not have bothered us before, may have been the same things that drove us crazy during Quarantine. There’s nothing like being in Home Jail. You have to stay in that cell, listen, and see everything that goes on around you. Some people didn’t like what they saw or heard. Others fell in love all over again.

2. Marriage

COVID destroyed a lot of Wedding Dates. A lot of relationships ended because people saw each other for who they really are. Things change when you’re forced to take off your Rose-Colored Glasses. On the other hand, more people decided to have Small, Intimate Ceremonies and have scheduled the big celebration at a later date. My husband and I were one of those couples. Our original Wedding date was May 23rd. Instead, we got married on our Anniversary with just us there. Our big celebration will be on our Anniversary next year. It’s amazing to see people still getting married despite the current state of the world.

3. Family

So many people have lost family members during the pandemic. Whether it was due to COVID or not, the restrictions on funerals made it impossible for a lot of people to say their final goodbyes. There have also been fights between family members. You have those who stayed home and stayed to themselves, those who stayed home and minded everyone else’s business and those who couldn’t help to be around everybody and their mama because they felt they couldn’t catch it from family. I get everyone is stressed and a lot of people are afraid but that does not mean that you take a bunch of newfound free time and squander it on causing problems within your family. Take this time to get to know your family members better… from afar!

4. Jobs

Many people have lost their jobs. This was another terrible effect of COVID. There are a lot of people who are still technically employed but are not receiving any hours or a check because they have been furloughed. There are those who lost their jobs entirely. Meanwhile, there are some who are considered Essential Workers. We are thankful to those people. The pandemic would have been a lot worse without them.

A lot of people have started businesses during the Pandemic due to job loss and I am so happy to see more people working for themselves. I have also taken steps into running my business more smoothly and have started offering an array of different products. Of course, I still do photography but it’s been slow due to the Pandemic. In any case, you can check out my current products here.

5. Money

Many people have been forced to apply for unemployment. Before I jump into this one, I want everyone to know that the only way that you are eligible for Unemployment is if you recently lost your job. People on Unemployment are not lazy nor are they moochers. It seems as if when someone else is being blessed, others feel like they should put them down because they feel they deserve it more. I will tell you now, if you think like that, you have some serious personal growth to do!

Now, there are those who have been receiving more money than they did while working. Again, this was a blessing. Many people worked their butts off, and we’re taxed just like everyone else, only to be struggling at the end of the day. And no, it’s not easy to just “GeT a NeW jOB!!”. If it were, there wouldn’t be so many Americans who are struggling. You have tons of people watching other people’s pockets during this time when they’re not losing any money by others receiving more. It’s disgusting how entitled people are. Demanding more money just because others are getting some. *eye roll*

On top of unemployment, individuals have received a Stimulus Check, Small Businesses have received Loans and Grants, Big Businesses and rich people have received Millions in Bailout Money. THE PEOPLE are more worried about what the little guys are receiving instead of focusing on the fact that the ones with money received Millions per person/business. Humans, I tell ya!

6. Spirituality

When times get hard, people turn toward spirituality. There’s nothing wrong with it. I’m always for people who are trying to change their lives. There are many people seeking a Higher Power! I am truly happy for them. There’s nothing like seeking truth, clarity, and understanding. For those who are on their Spiritual Journey, Welcome and I wish you well.

For those who chose to seek out religion on their Spiritual Journey, I wish you well and hope you find a spiritual leader that has your best interest at heart. Remember when you’re looking to join a Church or Temple, or what have you, you are there to be guided by the leader. Not the others who are also attending. Do not let the members drive you away; however, when your peace is being effected, that is your queue to speak with your spiritual advisor and make decisions then.

Now for those of you who’s Journey doesn’t include religion, I will tell you that it is in your best interest to research, expand your knowledge, use your intuition, and stay protected. I recommend that you start working on Self! You can’t do anything until you know yourself. The good and the bad. Work on Self so that you can become a better version of yourself.

Yes, accepting your true self is a hard pill to swallow but it is the only way to becoming better. Believe me, most of us THINK we are good people, but truth be told, a lot of us aren’t. The question is, do you want to change that? Keep in mind, we all have toxic traits but being aware of them, embracing them, and accepting them are very important in our for us to change and be better. Nobody is perfect, but we can all get better.  

7. Mental Health

Oh, man! This one is something! The Pandemic has affected everyone mentally, whether we want to admit it or not. For those who are empaths, it has been very draining. The same can be said for those who have Mental Disorders. A lot of us have learned more about Self-love and Self-Care. A lot of us have completely neglected ourselves and it is not okay. The Pandemic is a perfect time to go ahead and take care of yourself. Steal away time if you have a family that doesn’t let you have time to yourself. If you take meds, keep taking them if that is what helps you.

Reach out to your therapist and talk about everything that has been going on. If you don’t have a Therapist, you can look for one that does virtual meetings. Let’s not forget that some of us have Spiritual Leaders. This is a great time to reach out to them. They are there to help you. If you just want a regular person to talk to, reach out to family, friends, or even me.

The COVID Pandemic has been a doozie. It is very real and it does not seem like it will let up any time soon. Stay Safe! Mask Up! And look forward to my next post. It is SO good to be back and I plan to stay. What topics would you guys like me to talk about in the future?

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Jalika Cherie

JC Morgan is what some may call a Rebel or Eccentric. She doesn't fit in and she doesn't try to. She has piercings, tattoos, and stretched ears. She talks, walks, looks, and thinks differently than most Christians. People tend to stare at her without hiding it and the boldness is real because they will not say anything. But you know what? God still loves her and he loves you too. Whether you look different or act different, you still have a place in God's Kingdom. You may be a loner in your environment but let me tell you, you are not alone. Not only is God always there, but there are also other people who are just like you. Different in every way and they wear it as a badge of honor. She likes to say that we are THEE Cool Kids. We're the underdogs that pack a mean punch. We just need to let the Lord use us. With him, we can build mountains and tear down walls that try to stop us. Do you know how all of this can be possible? By restoring your personal relationship with God and practicing Soul Care. That is her area of expertise and that is what she is here to help Women do.

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