Hating Blocks Your Blessings

Hating Blocks Your Blessings

Today’s lesson is “ Hating on others will block your blessings”.

Most people think that hating is only being jealous of someone else. I assure you there is more to it than that.

Hating is also bad mouthing someone else to try and ruin their character, business, or what have you. It’s also knowing someone is best for the job but you hire another that is less capable, all because you don’t want THE BEST to have the job.

When you hate on others that negative energy you exude will block the good that was meant to come to you. You may think you’re getting away with it because it may not happen right away but when it does, you’ll know.

Oh, did I mention that hating someone causes them to be blessed in front of you regardless of how hard you try to block them from greatness? I didn’t? Well, yeah, it happens.

In the words of B-Rad “ Don’t be hatin’!” It takes a lot of energy to do all of that. Cut it out!

Jalika Cherie

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