How Do I Find My Purpose?

How Do I Find My Purpose?

How Do I Find My Purpose?

Some of us spend our entire adult lives trying to find our purpose. We put so much pressure on ourselves to find the meaning of our lives. We beat ourselves up when we come up short. We search and search and search and never find a thing. You may be left with the question, “How Do I Find My Purpose?”

“How do you find your purpose?”

It’s simple. We find our purpose by living life. How are we supposed to know what our purpose is when we don’t try different things to find out if it is for us. You don’t just wake up one day and say “Hey, I’m a beast at public speaking” but you’ve never been in front of a crowd. And no, school assignments do not count.

Guess What?

I am so guilty of trying to find my purpose that I missed out on living. I missed out on all of the experiences that people my age experienced. Why? Because I stayed in front of a computer since I was in high school, gathering all this knowledge and never actually utilizing it. Running away from any attempt at actually DOING instead of just collecting knowledge.

If you want to know what I love to collect besides books, it’s easy to figure it out. I love to collect knowledge. I can literally tell you HOW to do most things that I have never even attempted myself. With the end of the year fast approaching, along with the end of my 20s, I think it’s about time that I started LIVING.


I can’t tell you what your purpose is. Nobody can. But for your New Year’s Resolution, all that I ask is that you live life! Try new things. For my planner people, put the notes down and get out there. Be spontaneous for the one time. If you don’t like it, cool. But I will tell you that you might surprise yourself.

I wish you all well in the New Year. I love you guys and I’m so thankful for your support. Whether you have supported my blog or even my growing small business. Thank you, Thank You, Thank You. I hope you all find happiness, healing, understanding, and peace in this coming year. What is your New Year’s Resolution? Let me know in the comments below!

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