I Declare War|War Binder Workshop

The meats of the workshop

What You Will Discover

How to use your war binder | JC Morgan

The Important of Prayer | Bernadette Stinson

The importance of your relationship with God | Verlina Rhodes

How to overcome spiritual warfare |CJ Morgan

The Importance of Soul Care | JC Morgan

About I declare war

The I Declare War | War Binder Workshop is a workshop that was created with YOU in mind. A lot of us spend most of our lives being content with learning about God through others and not learning who he is for ourselves. We can’t rely on our Pastor, Mother, Cousin, Grandma, and Auntie to get us into heaven through their relationship with God. We have to have our own relationship and prayer life.

We all know what the usual Prayer Warrior looks like. You know, the older people in the church that always have their Bible at the ready—always praying noon and night. You know the Pro Prayers. All of us are not as advanced as they are. Some of us don’t even know what to do when it comes to prayer. This does not mean that we cannot be Prayer Warriors in our own right.  

We become Warriors by spending time with God. Not only can we spend time with Him in Prayer, Meditation, and at Church. There are other ways that we can spend time with him. This is where the Prayer Binder comes in. It is an addition to what some may already do. It is a way to record our growth in the Lord and spend time getting to know him, as well as ourselves. 

This Workshop will teach you other ways to fight the Spiritual Battle that we are all experiencing. You will learn to release things that you are holding on to and get closer to God than you already are. You will learn a new way to build your relationship with GOD through Praise & Worship. My mission is to help you experience God in ways you may not have thought of and I’m so excited to have the Holy Spirit guide us on this journey.


Dress Code:

We will be wearing our WAR CLOTHES. Your PRAYER WARRIOR T-SHIRT will be provided at the sign-in table at the beginning of the Workshop.

We ask that you wear CAMOUFLAGE BOTTOMS in any color your heart desires. There are a variety of colors available such as Pink, Blue, Red, Orange, Green, Purple, Black, Tan, etc. It will be paired with your Prayer Warrior T-Shirt which will be provided to in-person attendees when they arrive.

Meet The speakers

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