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I’m Proud Of You!

I’m Proud Of You!

These are 4 simple words that don’t mean much alone but when placed together in a sentence they become so powerful. Some people will never let it pass over the threshold of their lips while others will give them out as loosely as a person giving out candy to small children. Regardless of the people with diarrhea of the mouth who just say things just to say them, this small phrase can mean so much to so many. With the way that 2020 was set up, this one sentence could end up being someone’s saving grace.

It’s sad to say that some people have never even heard the words “I’m proud of you”. But let me tell you something, there is POWER in these words. To be proud is to feel pleasure or satisfaction when you or someone else has done or received something good. We give power to our words. So, telling yourself or someone else you are proud of them can make a gigantic impact on one’s life and I will tell you why!

1. Your Hard Work Is Appreciated!

In some cases, we spend so much time doing the work and we may start to feel like we’re going unnoticed. Sometimes it does feel good to be seen. Not to say that you should be an attention seeker. What I am saying is, when you’ve put a lot of blood, sweat, and tears into something, it actually means a lot to have people tell you how proud they are of you. Especially when they share your accomplishments because they’re so excited with and for you.

2. A Reminder That You’re On The Right Track!

There have been times when I have put a bunch of effort into a lot of things, just to come up short. Or so I thought. It wasn’t until someone told me how proud they were of me, that I had to sit back and evaluate everything I did and went through to get to where I was. I realized I was actually doing what I was meant to do. Their words were the reminder I needed to keep going. Int went deeper than “I’m proud of you” but it was the key that I needed to unlock my realization.

3. It Boosts Your Mood!

For those of us that deal with Depression, you understand me when I say, “I’m proud of you”, has been one of those things that lifted me up. It triggered my will to fight and keep going. For some of us, happiness or even gratitude is our immediate reaction to that 4-word sentence. It’s crazy how something that is looked over by most can mean the world to others.

Hearing the words “I’m proud of you” makes you want to keep going. Those genuine “I’m proud of you” moments mean everything. We won’t even talk about those that say it with malice in their hearts. Let’s focus on those genuine people who bring power back to these heartfelt words. If these words are spoken to you, soak them in, regardless of the meaning. Do everything in your power to keep going, let it be the push you need to accomplish much more greatness.

For those of you who don’t hear these words, know that I see you and I am proud of you. Not only am I proud of you and you should also be too. Now that the end of the year is near, I would like to say that I am proud of myself for being consistent. Even when I struggled to even get out of bed, I made up for it when I was able to push myself. I have accomplished so much and I am truly proud of actually DOING instead of just planning. What are some things about yourself that you are proud of?

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Jalika Cherie

JC Morgan is what some may call a Rebel or Eccentric. She doesn't fit in and she doesn't try to. She has piercings, tattoos, and stretched ears. She talks, walks, looks, and thinks differently than most Christians. People tend to stare at her without hiding it and the boldness is real because they will not say anything. But you know what? God still loves her and he loves you too. Whether you look different or act different, you still have a place in God's Kingdom. You may be a loner in your environment but let me tell you, you are not alone. Not only is God always there, but there are also other people who are just like you. Different in every way and they wear it as a badge of honor. She likes to say that we are THEE Cool Kids. We're the underdogs that pack a mean punch. We just need to let the Lord use us. With him, we can build mountains and tear down walls that try to stop us. Do you know how all of this can be possible? By restoring your personal relationship with God and practicing Soul Care. That is her area of expertise and that is what she is here to help Women do.

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