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It Does Not Pay Well To Be Spiteful

You know those moments where something is hilarious but it’s not funny?

When people are spiteful the audacity of it all makes me chuckle. Although instant karma makes me smirk, the best part is when they learn from it.

I remember when I used to do things out of spite and that instant karma used to crack me up so hard.

In my early 20s, I learned that there was no reason for me to retaliate against anyone.

People dig their own holes and fall in every day without any help. All you can do is be an example and keep it pushing.

Jalika Cherie

Jalika Cherie is a Writer, Blogger, Creator, Photographer, and Singer. She runs a Lifestyle Blog that motivates, entertains, and inspires others, She loves to focus on topics such as Advice, Mental Health, Arts, Mom Life, and Family Life but there are no limits to the topics she will touch on.

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