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Last Minute But Awesome Father’s Day Gifts

A week ago, I was taking a stroll in Walmart with my family when we came across the aisle with Father’s Day products. I didn’t see it, but my Fiancé did. It wasn’t even a full aisle. It was just one wall. He goes “Nobody cares about Father’s Day. Did you see how much stuff they have? They had multiple aisles for Mother’s Day. What about us?!”. He was hurt.

I figured if I kept quiet, he would stop talking. He did which was great because it would not have gone anywhere good. Let’s be honest, the people who do have fathers tend to forget all about Father’s Day. The fathers that do for their kids be it spending time with their kids, attending important events, or even being involved in raising their kids, are the fathers who deserve this day. Everyone else can suck it! Yes, I said it.

Let’s get into why you’re here. Shall we? Amazon Prime is one of the best programs to ever be created. There’s two-day shipping and more recently, recently, one-day shipping. If you have Amazon Prime, this list is for you! Here’s the last minute but awesome gifts to give your Father on Father’s Day:

1.  Gears Out Nothing – You Said You Wanted Nothing – On occasions, we have that dad that doesn’t want anything. This gift is for those dads. It’s a box with a bunch of nothing. He won’t get the chance to say you didn’t get him anything because you gave him this special empty box. It’s available for only 9.95! *wink* Include hugs and kisses when he opens his gift to make it extra special. You’re welcome!

2. Amazon Prime Membership (3 Months $39) – Share the love and give them one of the best memberships one can have. This membership has saved my ass on multiple occasions where I needed something last minute.

3. Amazon Gift Card in a Premium Greeting Card – It’s a two for one special. You’ll be able to give them a Greeting Card and Gift Card for the price of one. You won’t have to run out and get the greeting card that you forgot to get. Talk about a good deal.

4. James Fiallo Men’s 12 Pack Patterned Dress Socks – A man can never have too many dress socks. The ones given to him by his significant other and children are his most prized socks. Whether he truly likes them or not. He’ll like these though!

5. Activ Life Best Kid’s Flying Rings [2 Pack] – This is the gift for the dad that enjoys outdoor playtime with the kids. It can also be used for a day with the fellas. We all know men love that male bonding over sports stuff.

6. The Baby Owner’s Manual: Operating Instructions, Trouble-Shooting Tips, and Advice on First-Year Maintenance (Owner’s and Instruction Manual) – This is a gift for new dads and the dads who haven’t had a baby in the house in years. It will help them through their new baby’s first year. For the dads that think they know it all, slide them this book just because.

7. 101 So Bad, They’re Good Dad Jokes – There are Dad Jokes that are just plain trash. They are not funny at all. This book of jokes will help the unfunny dad become funny while remaining unfunny so that he can receive genuine laughter for once. It makes sense. Trust me!

8. Shocktato Party Game – This game is for the daredevil dad and his daredevil spawn. It’s like a game of musical chairs but only you’re throwing around a potato that will shock the lucky player when the music stops playing. Sounds fun doesn’t it?

9. Best Dad Ever T-Shirt – Let’s give credit where credit is due in the form of a T-shirt. Let dad show the world he’s the best dad ever. It could get interesting when more than one dad is wearing this sort of shirt. Maybe they’ll fight to the death for the ultimate title of Best Dad Ever!

10. One Awesome Dad Coffee Mug – This gift won’t start a war between dads. You can even give it to multiple dads to show them that they are one of the many awesome dads out there. This lets dads know that they matter and should team up with other dads forming #Teamawesomedad.

11. Dad Journal – This journal says it all. He’s an awesome dad and you don’t ever want him to be less than awesome. He’s doing a good job and should write about how awesome he is in this journal.

12. Father’s Day Keychain – The keychain that shows dad he means the world to his family. He’ll be able to take this gift with him everywhere every time he leaves the house. He can use it to show off how important he is. He’ll excitedly show his pals by putting in their face like “BAM!!!!, look how important I am. I’m the shit!”. He’ll make everyone clap and congratulate him for being so important. Not really, he’ll be annoying as hell, but he’ll feel amazing about his gift.

13. Uncommon Questions 200 Fresh Conversations Starters for Couples Daily Tool to Reconnect with Your Partner – Let’s be honest! Sometimes couples run out of things to talk about and just need a little help. This gift is for dad from their significant other. This will be helpful for the relationship. Use it as a stay-at-home date night activity. Yes, those things exist when you don’t have a babysitter for the kids.

14. Men’s Genuine Leather Bifold Wallet with 2 ID Window and RFID Blocking – For whatever reason, men go through wallets like kids go through sneakers. They will keep a wallet from High School even if it looks ratty. Here’s a replacement for that billion-year-old thing in their pocket that they call a wallet even though it’s nothing but crumpled fabric at this point.

15. LuminAID PackLite 2-in-1 Phone Charger Lanterns – A much-needed gift for the dads that fish and hunt. Their phones will never be dead again with this baby!

16. Complete Wet Shave Kit – This kit includes a Hawk Razor, 100% Badger hairbrush, 1 Organic Honey Oatmeal Shave Bar, 5 Premium Men’s Razor Blades, and a Razor Stand. Basically, all the good stuff. Their shave will turn into an EXPERIENCE that they will love.

17. Hamilton Beach 25361 Electric Indoor Searing Grill – Who said grilling is a seasonal activity? This is for the grill obsessed dads. With this gift, they’ll be able to grill all year round in a climate-controlled kitchen. Talk about awesome!

18. Home-Complete BBQ Grill Tool Set – Grilling accessories for the grill addicted dad. Give them this set to go with their new grill, and you will have a happy camper!

If you see this post and it’s too late to order something, a simple “Happy Father’s Day!” and a dedicated meal will suffice. Dads matter too! Let’s make this Father’s Day one for the books!

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