Leggings Are Pants! – A Gif Presentation

Leggings Are Pants! – A Gif Presentation

Lately, I see people talking about whether Leggings are pants or not. I’m not sure why it is such a hot topic but let me tell you something….

Leggings aren’t for everybody. We get it but Please!…

We get it… You don’t like them and to that, I say DON’T WEAR THEM! There, I solved your problem. You’re welcome!

You may not be able to understand why people “THINK” leggings are pants but here is why I wear them.

1. They are super stretchy

Besides sweatpants/shorts, they are the only bottoms that I can fit out of my pre-pregnancy clothes.


2. They are super Comfortable

You can’t do this with Jeans on

3. There’s no struggle

I can easily pull them out and go about my business.

4. They hide leg hair

Don’t judge me! Some of us can’t shave all of the time!

5. Confidence

I feel confident in them. I am able to walk around without and feel like I look good in them.

6. Versatility

I can work out in them

And I can wear them out on the town


7. Affordability

Unlike other bottoms, I can buy leggings that fit my new body shape without having to sacrifice between the choice of buying them and eating for the rest of the month! What other bottoms say to me when I go shopping:

8. Travel

I am able to have a billion outfit choices because they won’t add a ton of weight to my luggage and I can fit a billion pairs in any bag.

9. Illusions

Highwaist leggings can hide the Fupa that I currently have. Who knows whether it will be a temporary issue (like it was with first pregnancy) or not. Though it is small, it is still something that I am used to coming from having defined abs.

10. The Flattery

It shows off my new curves.

You know… since I’m thick now and all


It’s not that I owe an explanation but I felt it was necessary to share why I like Leggings. Oh and the most important thing… Why are leggings pants? BECAUSE I SAID SO!!!! Dassit!!! While you’re at it, go treat yourself to a pair of leggings. If you haven’t already, sign up for my email list and follow me on Instagram and Facebook. Enjoy your week!

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