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No! You Don’t Know Your Car!

NO! YOU DON’T KNOW YOUR CAR! NO! YOU DON’T KNOW YOUR CAR! And I cannot stress this enough, NO! YOU DON’T KNOW YOUR CAR!!!! I don’t care if you think you’re a Psychic and you’re able to predict the future and tell people what will happen in the next few minutes. You still don’t know your car or that gas tank of yours. YOU DO NOT KNOW YOUR CAR!

How many of us have that friend that loves to play Russian Roulette with their gas tank? They’ll constantly tell you, “I know my car!” while you sit there calling them all the names in the book. I will never understand it. The worst place to “Know your car” is in cities where the Gas Stations are miles and miles apart.

My Fiancé is one of those people who swears he knows his car. For whatever reason, he will drive a car on E for days at a time. And will swear up and down that he, “knows his car”. Yes, he is one of those. Apparently, knowing your car is fine until you drive a car like a Benz. Once that thing goes on E, it’s on E and it will cut off on you. Do you know how I know? Well, it has happened to me twice!

How pissed you look when you’re stranded with no gas!

Its’s Story Time!

Story #1

The first time we ran out of gas was on our way back from the hospital. We were on our way to the Gas Station and BAM!!! The car cut off right in the turning lane, a few feet from the Gas Station. I turned to him and said, “I bet you don’t know your car anymore” and busted out laughing. This man had to get out of the truck and start pushing. It was during Texas’ First Summer A.K.A Spring, so it was super hot. A pickup truck was behind us so he followed behind with his hazard lights so that my fiancé could at least get to the Gas Station entrance. Unfortunately, the driveway was on a small hill. Small enough to drive up in a second, high enough to push the car backward when pushing it. Thankfully, a gentleman in a little car came and pushed DaBenz (my nickname for it) into the driveway.

From there, he went back to manually pushing it and I was able to fight the wheel to turn the truck into a parking spot. Well, technically two parking spots but what could I do when the steering wheel was locked up? From there, he walked to get some gas from the Gas Station so that we could at least have enough to drive to the pumps. Once he got back and put enough gas, we drove to the pumps and filled it up. While pumping gas we met a nice older man that we conversed with for a bit. That experience wasn’t too bad. But you know what was? The next one I’m about to tell you guys about.

Story #2

Now, I grew up around Law Enforcement, so I’ve seen a lot. I’ve seen people in the field, and I knew them in their civilian life. With that being said, as a child, I grew fearful of people in Law Enforcement so any time that I had to be around them I would be on edge. Now as an adult, when I am driving and I see a cop in the vicinity, I immediately think THE WORST. It does not help that I have PTSD either. Queue the next part of my story…….

The last time my fiancé “knew his car” was when we were on our way to his job. Before we left home, I asked him “Are you going to put gas in the car before we get there?”. He brushed me off with a headshake. Of course, me being me, I was not confident with that answer. But off we went anyway. The whole way to his job I was in a bad mood because I just knew the car was going to break down on me while I was driving but I didn’t say anything. All I kept thinking about was if the car broke down, the cops may come and then THE WORST will happen. Especially, with all that has been in the media with people being brutalized. It didn’t help that one of those videos came across my screen at that moment.

And then……

As my fiancé got out of the car at his job, all I could think about was that I needed to get to the Gas Station which was about 3 miles away. I got in the driver’s seat, pissed to high heavens and ready to just be done with my day. Then, I drove off in hopes that I could make it to the Gas Station, but that hope was slowly shattered as the car began to slow down and the steering wheel tightened. There was a mile and a half left on my quest to the nearest Gas Station and all I could do was get out of the car and stand in the grass feeling stupid and hoping the cops didn’t show up. Then, low and behold, the kindest motorcycle cop showed up. He asked if I had someone coming to help, I told him I was trying to get into contact with someone. He waited while I made my call.

Once I got off the phone, he told me he called an SGT with a squad car so that I could get the baby out of the heat. We waited for a while and the officer with the squad car came. Don’t get me wrong, I am very thankful. Both cops sat with me and the baby for an hour. I felt uneasy because I was sitting in a squad car with a small-town cop and a bunch of guns, while I lacked the capability to let myself out if anything were to happen.


When help arrived, I watched two cops and a correction officer struggle to put gas in DaBenz. All I could think of was “How many law enforcement officers does it take to put gas in a car?”. Yes, I know. How terrible of me but I could not help it. Eventually, they got the gas in the tank and I was told to drive to the Gas Station to get more gas. I thanked everyone and headed to the Gas Station where I got some more gas and headed home. I would say that it was a learning experience for sure and I never want to have that experience again!

5 reasons why you should not act like you know your car:

Take Notes!

1. Unreliable Gas Meter

Your gas meter may not tell you exactly when your car will run out of gas. For example, I had an Elantra that would tell you how much gas mileage you had up until 30 miles. After that, you were on your own. I will have to say, out of curiosity I did find out what happened after the 30 miles were up. Another light came on and started blinking and an annoying beeping sound was made. Had I not been at the Gas Station by that time, the car probably would have cut off.

2. You Will Break Down

Let me say it again. YOU WILL BREAK DOWN ONE DAY!!!!! I don’t care how much you pray to the gods above, it is inevitable. Well, unless of course, you stop playing games with your car and fill it up when it gets to half or even a quarter of a tank.

3. You Will Be Stranded

If your car breaks down and you have no one that can get to you, you will be stranded on the side of the road. People will constantly pass you and won’t try to help. Why? As a safety precaution, it is better not to stop in case the “stranded” person is running a scheme.

4. It Is Dangerous

You don’t know where that car will stop. It can stop in the middle of traffic and cause a multi-car pileup. You may stop in the middle of a bad neighborhood and get robbed. You could even stop in the middle of lightly trafficked backroad and get mauled by a Bear or swallowed by an Anaconda while waiting for help. It could happen! Let’s be real, there’s no way you can stay in the car and be safe. Someone could come behind you and hit you or it may just be way too hot. Forget it if you’re a woman, someone may prey on you in the form of help and then BAM!!!!, you’ve made it on the 10 o’clock news. It’s not a game.

5. It Is Dumb

You end up looking and feeling dumb on the side of that road. Even if you can walk to the Gas Station. If you don’t have a gas can, you have to spend more money to get one. If you broke down in the middle of nowhere, there’s literally nothing you can do but depend on someone else and be left to sit there and think about what you did, while you wait for help to arrive. It is something that can easily be avoided so avoid it. Common sense says you need gas to fuel your car so get some. If you can’t get some, don’t drive and risk yours and others’ safety.

I’ll say it again, No! You don’t know your car and there’s no way to convince me otherwise. It is not smart nor is it cute to drive around on E and tell yourself and others that you know your car. I’ll let you in on a little secret, YO CAR AIN’T LOYAL!!!! It doesn’t care about you or itself. You can maintain your car like you’re supposed to, and it will still end up dying on you for whatever reason. I want you guys to be safe and put gas (or in these days electricity) in those cars and enjoy the rest of your week. If you have your own story about your disloyal car, drop it in the common section.

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