On Hiatus

On Hiatus

Me trying to show face! (The sun was hitting just right.)

I apologize for the hiatus. I hope to be back to my regular schedule within the next month or two. Between the baby and my health, I need to take this time to heal. I appreciate you all for your support sticking with me this long. Remember that self-care is super important and should you need to take time to yourself in order to feel better, do it. Your health is important.

While I am away, you may view this list of a few of my most recent posts. Feel free to check out whichever ones interest you most or if you really love me, you’ll check them all out.  I surely appreciate it and look forward to catching up with you all when I return! Sign up for my email list so that you will be notified when I make my comeback. You know you want to!!!!

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This post has become one of my favorite posts I have ever written. It constantly reminds me that it is okay to take time for myself, especially when I am dealing with others who are being toxic.

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