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I Declare War

At the beginning of this year, I said this year would be a year of Spiritual Growth. I had no idea how powerful that statement was until recently. Not only has it been a year of Spiritual Growth for me, but I have also watched people around me grow as well. Not to mention, the people who have come to me to be coached for that exact reason.

You see, the thing about Spiritual Growth is that you will experience Spiritual Warefare along with it. You’ll experience Warfare before you even start working on your Spiritual Growth, the battle level will just get harder. I DECLARED WAR when I decided to take my Spiritual Growth more seriously. I DECLARED WAR when I chose to fight those demons that still lingered from my past. I DECLARED WAR when I became more serious about running back to God. I DECLARED WAR when I chose to fulfill my purpose and step into my calling to help others find their way back to God. I DECLARED WAR when i decide to listen to God and host this Workshop. If you know me, you KNOW I had a problem for a little minute. But in the end, God Won!

Want to know how I fight? I FIGHT with Prayer. I fight by seeking God and Building my relationship with him. This is something that should never stop. I FIGHT by being the example that myself and others need to grow. I FIGHT by reading my bible and learning more about what it is to be a Kingdom Kid. I FIGHT with my voice even though I feel uncomfortable speaking. I FIGHT by continuing to fulfill my purpose even when others TRY to stand in my way and show their dislike for me. One thing about me is, that I’m going to do it regardless.

My I DECLARE WAR | WAR BINDER WORKSHOP was created to show others new tactics when fighting this Spiritual War. One thing to remember is that you are not alone. Neither can you do it alone. It is time to put your War Clothes on, get in your Prayer Warrior position, and call on God. Your relationship with him has nothing to do with those people in the Church that hurt you. Your relationship with him has nothing to do with those people who claim to follow him but are some of THEE worst people you will ever meet inside and/or outside of those four walls of the church

Build your relationship with him and get to know him for yourself. Read his word for yourself and watch how much you will learn. Church is within us. The building is another way to be with him. You just have to find the right Church and when you do, you will acquire a circle of people who will fight battles alongside you and will help you grow. There is power in community.

When you fight this Spiritual War, remember that your life and your Mental Health depend on it.Don’t give in to the things that try that were sent to distract and destroy you. You are a Warrior, even if you don’t feel like it right now. You are able to break those generational curses and live a different way. You are able to break the shackles that are keeping you in your past. You are able to let go of that Trauma that has been controlling you. You just have to go to War for it…. And Therapy. Let’s not forget Therapy.

Are you ready to fight? Join me at the I DECLARE WAR WORKSHOP and receive the tools you need for battle. You will get hands-on War Binder training and receive knowledge from amazing Keynote Speakers that will help you on your Spiritual Journey. It will be held on July 16th, 2022 at 10 AM on the Southeast Side (You know I had to let you know) of Houston, TX. To register for the Workshop click here.

If you are curious about the War Binder and what it is, click here.

Jalika Cherie

JC Morgan is what some may call a Rebel or Eccentric. She doesn't fit in and she doesn't try to. She has piercings, tattoos, and stretched ears. She talks, walks, looks, and thinks differently than most Christians. People tend to stare at her without hiding it and the boldness is real because they will not say anything. But you know what? God still loves her and he loves you too. Whether you look different or act different, you still have a place in God's Kingdom. You may be a loner in your environment but let me tell you, you are not alone. Not only is God always there, but there are also other people who are just like you. Different in every way and they wear it as a badge of honor. She likes to say that we are THEE Cool Kids. We're the underdogs that pack a mean punch. We just need to let the Lord use us. With him, we can build mountains and tear down walls that try to stop us. Do you know how all of this can be possible? By restoring your personal relationship with God and practicing Soul Care. That is her area of expertise and that is what she is here to help Women do.

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