The Worst Rollercoaster Ride: Ever In Life

The Worst Rollercoaster Ride: Ever In Life

My Worst Enemy!!!!!

Growing up, I have always had issues with my weight. I was the little skinny kid that “just needed to eat more”. As I got older, I stopped growing so not only was I skinny, but I was also petite, so I’ve always looked a lot younger than I am. Queue the worst rollercoaster ride ever in life.

It was one fine day when my mom decided to take my sister and me to Coney Island. I got my usual, Nathan’s hotdog with crinkle fries (I miss this). After eating, we took a stroll around the park and ran across the legendary Cyclone a.k.a My Worst Enemy!!!! Imagine having beef with an inanimate object that’s also a landmark that everyone loves but me.

I’ll tell you why. My sister and I decided to get on this huge ancient, wooden beast of a machine. I remember she was sitting on the inner side of the rollercoaster car and I was on the outer side. The ride started and we excitedly looked at each other and smile as we pulled away from the loading station.

I was enjoying myself for all of one minute because as soon as the ride began to twist and turn, I started involuntarily from side to side. My sister who was on the husky side was just laughing and smiling like it was the best thing in the world.

That is until we took another turn and I flew out of the ride and was ready to die. Fortunately, my sister caught me by my leg and pulled me back in. She then moved closer to me and squished me in so that it wouldn’t happen again.

Finally, my near-death experience finally comes to an end, once we were back at the loading station. I ran off the ride shaking and crying to my mom to tell her what happened. I turned around to look at my new Enemy and cursed at it to myself. After all, I was just a kid and I didn’t want to get into trouble.

I walked away from The Cyclone with a new fear, falling out a rollercoaster to an untimely death. To this day, I rarely go to amusement parks. When I do get on a ride, I make sure there is a harness and wiggle it a bunch of times to make sure it’s locked, hoping the locking mechanism doesn’t turn off mid-ride.

Talk about living in fear. I know I’m not the only one with a terrible rollercoaster story. What’s yours?

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