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Treat Others How You Want To Be Treated. Assume Everyone Has A Gun!

Today’s lesson is “Treat others how you want to be treated. Assume everyone has a gun!

”Now, that’s not to say that you should only treat people well because they may or may not have a gun. You should be treating others fairly anyway.

What I’m saying is, watch how you handle folk. Some of us have itchy trigger fingers. Don’t go around threatening people and being a terrible human for no reason.

I don’t care how much of a thug you think you are. There will always be someone more thuggalicious than you! 🤣🤣🤣

Let’s practice that Thuggin Love (I couldn’t help myself 🤣) and be kind to one another. You never know, you may turn someone’s Rainy Day into a Sunny Day!

Jalika Cherie

JC Morgan is what some may call a Rebel or Eccentric. She doesn't fit in and she doesn't try to. She has piercings, tattoos, and stretched ears. She talks, walks, looks, and thinks differently than most Christians. People tend to stare at her without hiding it and the boldness is real because they will not say anything. But you know what? God still loves her and he loves you too. Whether you look different or act different, you still have a place in God's Kingdom. You may be a loner in your environment but let me tell you, you are not alone. Not only is God always there, but there are also other people who are just like you. Different in every way and they wear it as a badge of honor. She likes to say that we are THEE Cool Kids. We're the underdogs that pack a mean punch. We just need to let the Lord use us. With him, we can build mountains and tear down walls that try to stop us. Do you know how all of this can be possible? By restoring your personal relationship with God and practicing Soul Care. That is her area of expertise and that is what she is here to help Women do.

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