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Weathering A Storm

Weathering A Storm

With all of this storm business going on in Houston and the surrounding areas, I am reminded that I am not in New York City anymore. Yes, I got some Dorothy vibes right then. But anywho, since moving to Houston, I was hit with the realization that Hurricane Season and weathering a storm is something that I should be prepared for.

Yes, I remember Hurricane Sandy but guess what?! I had already left NYC for NC and guess what else?! They did not take Hurricanes as seriously as Texas either. With that being said, it was not until living in Houston, that I learned how to weather a storm. Now I will give you a few tips so that you may be prepared as well.

Tips On Weathering A Storm

1. Determine If You Live In An Evacuation Zone

If you do not, your next step will be to determine whether you will leave or not. Please be sure to keep up with the weather channels so that you will always be updated on the incoming storm.

2. Build An Evacuation Plan

This will include information such as your evacuation route, how you will get there and where you will be staying.

3. Prepare A Storm Kit

Your kit should include important documents, money, medications, first aid kit, multiple gallons of water (1 gallon per person per day), flashlights with extra batteries, cellphone and charger, a 5 day supply of food, a radio, a journal and pen, a gas can, charcoal, pet food, and hurricane snacks.

4. Check Your Insurance Policies

Make sure your insurance will cover all your belongings. This includes Renters Insurance, Homeowner’s Insurance, and Car Insurance.

5. Prepare Your Home

Ways that you can prepare your home may include boarding all windows, unplugging small appliances, moving large furniture, and objects away from windows.

6. Execute Your Evacuation Plan

If you are planning to stay home, try to stay away from the ground floor. Make sure you have a plan for your pets and livestock as well. If you have no choice but to stay on the ground floor, try and find an item that is level, high and can withstand your weight. If you choose to leave don’t forget to take your pets and if you happen to run into the stormwater remember “Turn Around and Don’t Drown”. That’s the saying here in Texas. Do not try to drive through the water and risk your life. If you must walk through it to get to safety, please keep your eyes open as there may be dangerous wildlife, bugs, sewage, and waste.

7. Stay Indoors

When you get to where you need to be STAY INSIDE until it is either safe to go outside or you are told to leave. Unless your house is filling up with water quickly, it is safer to stay inside.

8. Remain Calm

I know that it is difficult to stay calm during this time but your life as well as others, depend on it. Remember that journal I told you to pack? If you don’t, revisit #3 on this list. I’ll wait……. Ready?! Now, start writing about everything that you are grateful for. Write a story. You can even write about the things you will do after the storm is over. Just do something that will keep your mind at ease. I’m not saying to completely ignore the storm. What I am saying is, do something to ease your mind. You can even pray and/or meditate. Make sure you remain updated on the storm.

I know this one is a doozy, but it is important for us to be prepared even when the storm isn’t that bad. Please keep these points in mind and we will weather any storm. For those of us who are currently feeling the effects of this current storm, please be safe, DON’T FORGET YOUR MASKS and remember that we are in this together.

For more information on preparing for Hurricanes, please visit the National Weather Service here. Contact me if you need me! If you haven’t already, sign up for my email list and follow me on Instagram and Facebook. Check out my previous post here. Enjoy your week!

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