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Why You Should Practice Positive Self-Talk!

We are our own worst critic! Let that sink in for a bit…. Has it hit you yet or are you rolling your eyes right now? Take another moment and really let that marinate….. Think about those times where you have done something and felt like you did a terrible job, while other people were telling you how amazing you did. I mean REALLY think about the last time this happened to you!

Now, take a deep breath and tell yourself how amazing you are. Even the worst people are amazing at doing something. Now, if you’re amazing at doing something that is bad, then toot your own horn for 2 seconds and reflect on these things so that you can find another talent that doesn’t destroy yourself or others. Either way, it is important to know how to practice positive self-talk.  

Why Is It Important To Practice Positive Self-Talk? 

Think of it as a way to pour positive energy into yourself. By doing this practice, you are opening yourself up to doing more amazing things. It will help you feel better about yourself and possibly other people. 

How Do I Practice Positive Self-Talk? 

1. Daily Affirmations

Every day when you wake up you can choose to write or repeat sayings such as, “I am important”, “I am enough”, and “I am changing because I am growing.” You can tell yourself anything that you want. If you want to tell yourself that you are a millionaire, go ahead. But remember, you have to follow through with actions in order to achieve/manifest this truth.

2. Complimenting Yourself In The Moment

When you do something amazing that you would compliment someone else for doing, go ahead and pat yourself on the back. Nobody has to know that you are complimenting yourself. Be proud of who you are and the things that you do. Always compliment yourself in the moment because in that moment, it is when it means the most.

3. Building Yourself Up (Telling Yourself You Can…)

You know who you are and what you are capable of. Try new things, execute old things, or combine the two. Either way, make sure you tell yourself that you are capable of doing it. Reassure yourself every chance you get. Tell yourself you can complete any activity even if you’ve never tried. Tell yourself that you are amazing at what you do and keep doing it. 

4. Leaving Random Positive Notes Around

Get some post-it notes and write positive quotes or daily affirmations or scriptures or even things that you would like to manifest. Put these notes anywhere that you can think of so that you will see it multiple times a day. This will be an activity that will uplift you during good and bad times. I have a good friend that has post-it notes all over her house with positive sayings, affirmations, and scriptures. Believe it or not, it helps her go about her day! 

5. Journal 

There are some of us that have a bunch of journals that we start and never finish. This includes me. So what! Anyway, journaling is an activity that can be a stress reliever. It can also be a way to record how we see ourselves or how we want to be. Use your journal to write about everything that is good about you. Also, use your journal to write about everything that is bad about you. Now, I’m not telling you to drag yourself, I’m telling you to record it so you know what it is that is causing you issues.

When you see it written in your handwriting, it is harder for you to be in denial about your shortcomings. We write about the bad things in order to accept them and decide how we will do better. Now, keep in mind, nobody is perfect so we will always have shortcomings. The most important thing is accepting it and doing better. But I digress! In your journal you can do writing prompts such as “Who am I?, What makes me happy?, What is it that I need to work on?, How will I work on it?, What am I good at?, What about me makes me proud of myself?”, etc.

As you can see, there are various ways to practice positive self-talk. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t expect you to be positive 24/7 and all puppies and rainbows because that is not realistic. I am expecting you to have moments where you are able to lift yourself up instead of tearing yourself down. We all need those moments where we’re uplifted and who better than ourselves to do it, right? This falls under self-love and self-care.

Now, let’s get out and try it. Let me know how it works for you in the comments. Contact me if you need me! Check out my previous post here. If you haven’t already, sign up for my email list and follow me on Instagram and Facebook. Check out my previous post here. Enjoy your week!

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