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Why Your Friend Circle Matters

Friends are supposed to be those people that are there for you no matter. They’re your shoulder to lean on when you’re going through the bad. They’re the good times and memories that you’ll keep dear to your heart until the end of your days.

These friends are your hype squad when you need an energy boost. They’re also the family that you got to choose. Well, in some cases. If you’re like me, my friends chose me, and I got stuck with them. They’re awesome so I’m fine with it.

There comes a time when you’re feeling low and you feel like it’s the end of the world. Queue your friend circle. These people will be there to lift you up and be there for you through that trying time. That’s when the importance of who you choose as friends come into play.

Why do you need good friends?

Good friends boost your ego

You know, that new outfit you just bought? Your friends will be the ones to tell you how good you look in it and will mean it sincerely. They’ll let you know that the outfit is fly and help you make plans for where you’ll wear said outfit.

Bad friends will make you want to take it off

That same outfit may bring you a different response. Although you look really good in the outfit, the bad friends will tell turn their nose up and talk bad about the outfit. There are certain people who are so mean to others. They feel that putting others down will make them feel better.

Good friends push you to be better

This kind of friend will push you to start that business you’ve been talking about starting for the longest time. Or apply for that job you’ve been thinking about applying to. They’ll even introduce you to the right people to build a good business relationship with.

Bad friends keep you down

Bad friends may laugh at you when you say you want to better yourself. They’ll even try to talk you out of it by telling you your idea is stupid. Some may even get you to that low place and turn around and do what they talked you out of doing. Then they’ll put you down again because they’re moving forward will you’re still stagnant.

Good friends listen to you

You know, that friend that listens to you and provides good feedback? The one that is always willing to give you advice that pushes you in the right direction? That is the good friend that listens.

Bad friends don’t care to hear what you have to say

On the other hand, you may have that friend that couldn’t give a damn. The one that straight up ignores you or gives you advice that will get you into trouble. This is the friend that you stay away from.

Good friends push you to be yourself

This is the friend that supports you and loves you for who you really are. You can be yourself around them without worrying whether they are just pretending to accept you or not. They will stick around through thick, no matter what you all are going through.

Bad friends judge you

This would be the kind of friend that glares at you when you’re not looking. They’re secretly jealous of you and will talk about you like a dog. You can’t trust this friend with any information and will have to pretend to be something that you’re not in order to fit in with them.

Good friends are there when you need them

There may be times when your good friends are busy, but they always make it their duty to check up on you. When you need a shoulder to lean on, good friends are there for you.

Bad friends have better things to do

This friend will leave you high and dry if they already have plans. A bad friend will ignore their phone or tell you they’re coming when they have no plans to, or they will stand you up for other people.

Good friends make you feel better just by being there

This friend will turn a bad day into a better day. Even if they can’t turn it around completely, they will try their best to come close to making your day a lot better. They may even succeed at completely changing your entire day for the better.

Bad friends make you feel like you’d rather be alone

These friends will make you wish you never even called them to help cheer you up. They will make you feel even worse than you did before you even contacted them. This is the kind of friend that you drop like a hot tamale because they will try and guilt trip you whenever they can.

Choosing good friends is important to your success in your pursuit of building a better you. You want to have good people on your team that are down for you no matter what.

You need someone who will be completely honest with you and lead you in the right direction. If you have friends that are holding you back, get rid of them. You’re better off without them. What kind of friends do you have?

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