Work With What You Have

Work With What You Have

Today’s lesson of the day is “Sometimes you just have to use what you already have!”

A part of being an artist is getting creative. We tend to create amazing pieces of work out of items we already have. Works we all fall in love with.

Life is a creation. A lot of times, we spend too much focus on the things we don’t have that we ignore the treasures that are already in our possession.

Do you know that saying “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure”? It’s the truth. Take two people and give them the same pen that doesn’t work. While one person will throw it away, the other person will find a way to make that pen work.

Sometimes, we don’t always have the money or the resources to get new things. Sometimes, we just have to use what we already have until we can obtain more.

Once we learn how to use what we already have, we will find ourselves not needing or wanting the things we thought we wanted and needed in the first place. We begin to change our minds and realize that we can do a lot with very little.

Jalika Cherie

Jalika Cherie is a Writer, Blogger, Creator, Photographer, and Singer. She runs a Lifestyle Blog that motivates, entertains, and inspires others, She loves to focus on topics such as Advice, Mental Health, Arts, Mom Life, and Family Life but there are no limits to the topics she will touch on.

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