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You Know You Hate Your Job When…..

We’re starting off with a new year, a new decade and a clean slate. Do you know what that means? That means that job that you hate should be left in 2019 too. Now, I’m not saying just up and leave without a plan or a means to pay your bills.

Although, I did it once before. I was fired from a job I hated, and I didn’t even bat an eye. The next thing I knew, I had received a call about another job I had been waiting for and I started two months later. It’s not for everyone but when you know you hate your job, it’s time to start looking elsewhere before the job quits you and you have nowhere to turn to.

You’re not sure whether you hate your job or not? Here are 12 things that you do when you hate your job. If you have done anything on this list, you probably hate your job. No

You Know You Hate Your Job When…..

1. You count down to the days until your next off day!

It could be a Sunday, but you still sit there saying to yourself, “Come on Friday!”. The work hasn’t even started yet. Or, on Wednesday you tell yourself that you only have to get through 2 more days until your free!

2. You come back late after a designated 15-minute break or lunch break!

Time is money but it isn’t your money, it’s the company’s time so you’re fine with coming back from break whenever you feel like it. It starts with 5 minutes and can go anywhere up to an hour. Why? Because you can get away with it and you’ll get back when you get back.

3. You dare your employer to fire you so that you can collect unemployment!

Your boss threatens to fire you all the time in order to get you to do what they want you to. Your response is always something along the lines of “I wish you would!!!”.

Here’s a little secret, everyone isn’t entitled to unemployment so do this at your own risk. Believe me, I’ve seen someone try this and the boss refused to sign off on it saying the employee wasn’t eligible for it. I’ve also seen someone try to live off it, which isn’t possible. Don’t get caught up.

4. Your start looking for another job on company time!

There was a time when I would be at my desk, looking for a new job and planning on moving cross country. I would look and apply every single day for months. Guess what? I got fired. But did I care? Nope, I ended up receiving a little money from an accident, moved to another state and started a new job. The same job I was telling you about earlier.

I know there are some people who do not work behind a computer but will talk to new potential employers while doing their job. I say go for it, the company doesn’t care about you anyway, unless you work for a small business then don’t do that.

5. You call out sick for the littlest reason or no reason at all!

Some people can “FEEL” a headache coming and will call out of work because they don’t want to be there. Some even forge an entire doctor’s note to cover their tracks. When I saw that, I was like “wow, you must do this often” …. They did!!!

I’ve had my moments where I just didn’t feel like it. I had PTO (Paid Time Off) so I just took a day or a few to myself. Why not? Why go to work and possibly be fired or suspended because you went off on someone, all because you were in a bad mood.

6. You’re never on time and your excuses are piss poor or you have none!

“Hey, sorry I’m late, there was a turtle crossing the road and it held up traffic for like an hour”. LIE!!!! Turtles may hold up traffic in some areas. But, an hour? Yeah right. Or you have those who just shrug it off when asked why they’re late.

7. You complain about the littlest things!

  • “That floor is so ugly; it stresses me out”
  • “The bosses breath smells so bad, I can’t focus”
  • “It’s too dark in here”-
  • “It’s so bright in here”
  • “Why is it so loud in here?!”- You work in a call center, Sherley!!! What do you expect?!

Do you see it? Pointless complaints.

8. You bond over coworkers over how much you hate your job!

Any other time, you may not talk to your coworkers but as soon as someone starts complaining about the job, a billion people chime in out of nowhere. Y’all may not even like each other but you might dislike the boss more, so y’all band together and crack jokes on them every chance that you get.

I’ve had one boss that I disliked because she would pick on me due to my size. I struggled with my weight from my childhood up until a year ago, so I was super skinny. My boss was overweight and had a disgusting attitude. I would ignore her when she would talk about my weight but whenever I had to talk to her, I would insult her intelligence every single time. What can I say? When people bother me, I hit them where it hurts.

9. You just don’t care!

You talk to your superiors however you want. Then again, I did this because I have issues with authority. My favorite are those bosses who think they can treat their employees however they want, I am that person that stands up to them. Playing a prank on your boss is definitely not out of the question. You come in when you feel like it, you take breaks when you feel like it. If you have customers, you may even tell them the truth instead of the blanket statements you’re trained to use.

For example, a person’s order didn’t ship out when it was supposed to. Instead of telling them something like “We apologize for the delay, we have received a large number of orders and are working to get each order shipped out as fast as possible while retaining quality”, you may just say “it hasn’t shipped because they didn’t get to it, your order will ship out when they get to it!”. Talk about not caring!

10. You mentally quiet evert single day!

And I mean, you wake up saying “I’m not going, I quit. That’s it!”. Or you may even walk out of work because you’ve had it but walk right back in like you never left! You may even sit there like, “I don’t need this job!”, and repeat it to yourself over and over again, knowing you need that job and you better get back to work and stop playing!

11. The thought of going to work puts you in a bad mood!

You could be on vacation and the moment you start thinking about the fact that you have to go back to work after the vacation is up, you get sad. Here’s something else that you do on Sunday, you realize you have to get up for work the next day and you immediately feel down It never fails.

12. You start planning illegal ways to make money just so you don’t have to be at your job!

Yeah, we see you listening to thug music and pretending to be a drug lord and spending all that imaginary cash on nothing. No lie, I’ve watched someone do this. It was hilarious.

*Bonus* – You start planning how you will exit when you get a new job!

I know we have all done it. Some of us will sit there and plan how we will walk out of that job we hate and do it epically. One of the most dramatic exits I’ve heard someone tell me is, they were going to walk around throwing insults about people they disliked but said nothing too because they didn’t want to lose their jobs, then they would start pushing papers off of people’s desks as the exited the building.

I would have to see the best one I’ve seen was someone wrapping up their work uniforms, ID, and a “Congrats I’m leaving card”. With a nice bow and gift bag to match. Imagine being their boss and coming in to see a nice gift and then BAM!!!!… it’s your employee epic way of saying they quit because their mental health was more important than the money. Talk about making a statement!

You know you hate your job when you can agree with any of these 12 things. I’m so curious to hear about your experiences. Is there anything that you do or have done because you hate your job? Leave a comment and let me know. Check out my previous New Year’s post! If you haven’t already, sign up for my email list and follow me on Instagram and Facebook.

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