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Your Past Does Not Overshadow Your Growth!

Your Past Does Not Overshadow Your Growth!

As we age, some of us experience a lot of growth, and with that growth comes wisdom. Now, as we already know, WISDOM does not come with age. This is the reason why we have 40 and 50-year-old with the maturity of a teenager. This is why we have people calling others brand new when an individual chooses to change their lifestyle choices and mindset. And this is why some people will never accept your growth and will always see you as you were in your past and will always bring up your past. This is not to say that you should not be held accountable for the things you have done in the past but what I am saying is that you should not continuously be badgered and beat down for things you have done in the past and have changed.

At times, it may be hard to ignore those people who are stuck in your past. The worst is when they are your own family. Over the last decade of my life, I have seen this so much and it disgusts me to no end. Why? Because I expect better from those people who are supposed to love you and accept you for who you are. How can someone love you for who you are when they still see you as the person you were in your past?! The answer is, they can’t and that’s okay. You can’t force anyone to accept you when you are doing better. But guess what, keep going. Even if that means distancing yourself from them.

My mom said, “Love people for who they are now because their past is what made them who they are today”, and when I read that, it really hit home. This is a woman who has seen me at my worst. This is a woman who watched me be destructive toward myself and to others. Although I only destroyed people who truly deserved it, it didn’t make it right. If you’ve been keeping up with my blogs, I’m sure you can figure out why, more or less. But anywho, let’s jump into it.


Your Growth Matters!

I don’t care who feels and thinks what about you! If you have grown in a positive way, I AM PROUD OF YOU! It truly matters because with growth, comes change and how can we change the world if we don’t grow?!

Let’s Change The World!

I know some of you may sit there thinking “whatever, how can little ‘ol me change the world?”. I’m here to tell you that change begins with you. Others see you changing, and you will positively affect them, causing a chain reaction. That’s not to say that YOU can change anyone; however, you can plant the seed by being the example.

That Sounds Like A Lot Of Pressure!

Why yes, yes it does! It’s only our job to be responsible for others by being responsible for ourselves. No pressure though. You’re just meant to influence others with a positive light. Yes, I know, this isn’t for everyone, but I believe you know who you are so I’m talking directly to you! This is your sign to do what you need to do to get to where you need to be!

Be The Light In The Darkness!

There has been plenty of times where I felt like I was literally thrown into terrible situations. By me being there and working my magic, I was able to be that light and change the atmosphere. Now, I will tell you that it is not an easy task but if this is your gift, you were built for this! “So, get err done!!!!”

But People Talk Bad About Me and Try To Ruin My Life!

Let me tell you something, people will talk about you no matter what. Some may even lie on you and try to paint an evil portrait of you. Here’s a secret, the more they talk about you, the more other people become interested in you. It can start by them watching your every move to have more to talk about and that is how you hook ‘em like a fish. You continue to be that light and they will wrestle with themselves in their head over your word and actions. Meanwhile, they introduced someone else to you who will fall in love with you off bat! *Muah ha ha ha* Talk about backfiring. Eventually, someone with sense will call them out on it, it may even be themselves. Those are the ones I enjoy the most. Don’t be like me guys!

I See What You’re Saying Now!

Do ya? If so, I am so glad that we’re on the same page. Regardless of how I feel about certain people, I still want them to succeed. Why? Because that time they use to focus on themselves and get their lives in order will not only be a win for them but also a win for me, Because, they will be too busy to focus on everything that I am doing. Then the sabotage will end. The game will be over, and we would have both won!

That’s That Growth Right There!

Yes, it truly is. It takes a lot of learning to get to the point where you just ignore people and their idiocy. It’s usually the ones that aren’t very intelligent, to begin with, so you have no choice but to feel a little bad for them. Have some compassion for those who show you otherwise. Why? Because understanding will open you up to receive so much more!

Don’t let anyone throwing your past in your face affect your present. That is what I call a curveball. It is meant to throw you off track. Bitter people do bitter things and misery loves company. Do not be that company and mess up everything you’ve worked for! It’s hard at times but it can be done. Like I always say, you can remove yourself from these people. There’s nothing like some distance to get you away from toxic behavior.

I’ll drop my last gem, don’t ever let yours or anyone else’s emotions be an excuse to accept mistreatment. A hurt person is a person that has not healed yet but that does not excuse the actions of them hurting others. I see it way too much. There are people literally going out of their way and trying to hurt someone else because they are hurting.

For some of us, it is a bad idea for this to be done to us, the repercussions are never pretty for them and the lasting effects can go on forever. If a hurt person tries to hurt you, throw justice at them, distance yourself from them, or do both! Do not react how you would have in the past; this is not the way. Do the right thing even when others don’t and always remember, YOUR PAST DOES NOT OVERSHADOW YOUR GROWTH!!! Thank you for coming to my TED Talk! Enjoy the rest of your day!

Now, let’s get out and try it. Let me know how it works for you in the comments. Contact me if you need me! Check out my previous post here. If you haven’t already, sign up for my email list and follow me on Instagram and Facebook. Check out my previous post here. Enjoy your week!

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